"I am very pleased to see other powerful entrepreneurs embrace and teach the Customer Development methodology. I am particularly glad to see Ian Scarffe promoting Lean Startup methods and utilizing the Startup Owners Manual resources as part of his efforts to enhance the startup ecosystem in Europe."

Bob Dorf, Lean Startup Owners Manual Steve Blank, Bob Dorf

"I have know Ian for 15 years and he the consummate serial entrepreneur, startup professional and business manager. Ian is continually creating exciting new business ideas and is an invaluable resource to other entrepreneurs as an advisor and mentor"

Dr. Adam Weigold, PhD

“Ian is an amazing mentor. He is light hearted and funny and at the same time realistic and grounded deeply in turning cool stuff into great products and businesses. He's a guru of all business elements as well as one of the most straight forward and honest people I've ever met.

He started out as a mentor, and now co-founder and board member of our company. Both intelligent and wise. His ability to add value to a startup is subtle, with profound results. Highly recommended”

Rafal Konieczny , Founder, Delphy Records

"I had pleasure to have a mentoring session with Ian and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for advice on building a valuable business model, market potential or simply review the product or project opportunities. His business acumen and entrepreneurs approach teach me a lot how we can approach our company strategy, investment process or leading a team success. Ian is strongly one of these people who stays open minded and is ready to share his experience."

Lukasz Debski, Business Development Director, Wastelands Interactive.

"Ian has given his experience and time to the EO organisation with professionalism and heart! Ian is rare in his ability to be proactive in development of projects from begin to end and help with high level strategies. I would highly recommend Ian."

Carlo G. Santoro , Entrepreneurs' Organization EO

"Ian is an experienced business person and entrepreneur, he led our Forum group at the Entrepreneurs Organisation with great enthusiasm and passion. In my experience Ian is a great ideas man and one who is sincere and genuine."

Kent Aughey , Executive Director at Ashington Advisory.

"Ian and I were on the same forum group at EO. Ian provided Forum moderation at our group and during that time found him to be a good moderator and friend."

Michael Kohn , Check Pilot & Flight Examiner at Hinterland Aviation

"Ian Scarffe was a fantastic business mentor who challenged us to strive for continuous improvement. His guidance and support were invaluable and his knowledge and past experience was of great assistance. I would definitely recommend Ian Scarffe as a business mentor, particularly for any budding entrepreneur looking to start a business or a business owner looking to take their business to the next level."

Marissa Haltis , Business Analyst at Department of Trade and Economic Development

"Ian has been an amazing mentor and friend along the way of developing Startuptravels. Ian has assisted us with direction and he always forces us to question what we are doing and why we are doing it. Having a mentor like Ian with skills and experience in Lean Startup is, and has been, very valuable to our journey. Ian is honest but also appreciative as a mentor should be. Without Ian we would not have been, where we are today. I am, therefore, very pleased to be able to recommend Ian."

Anders Hasselstrøm, Co-Founder Startup Travels

"Ian Scarffe has been my mentor and coach helping me curate better ideas and more effective business models. Ian's experience and genuine intuition about the ideology behind "Lean Startup" methods and Steve Blanks Startup Manual, have enabled me to accelerate my planning, envision my MVP, and gain confidence in my ideas. I can easily say Ian is integral part of my recent success in regards to thinking of longevity and company development."

Corey Hobbs,

"Ian gave us a great mentoring session, he don't criticise but can exactly point where have we made mistakes and how we should improve process of making our start-up iWisher"

Michal Korba , CEO, iWisher

"Ian is a perfect planner and strategist. Work with him is a guarantee of success."

Maciej Byczynski, Business Operations Director w Softcom (AdForm Group)

"I could learn a lot from Ian thanks to his wide experience and knowledge. It was a great pleasure working with Ian and the team at first edition of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. Ian secured the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards event for Poland and thanks to his commitment and dedication we could successfully run the first ever regional events across Poland, and then the national final in Warsaw. Thank you Ian. A great success story!"

Szymon Lach , Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Poland (Polska)

"Ian is talented startup mentor, he has extensive business experience and a profound knowledge of lean startup methods. He has a great ability to mentor the team, to plan the business process strategically that achieves the desired results. I am really grateful that I met Ian and have learnt how to properly develop a start-up business. I strongly recommend Ian as a business consultant or startup business partner."

Rafal Bugaj , Product Specialist at Grupa Edukacyjna S.A.

"I would highly recommend Ian Scarffe for the following core attributes: Lean Start-up Methodologies & Concepts - Ian has a significant amount of experience working in Lean Start-up Methodologies which means that he can ensure that a project is appropriately specified whilst maintaining due project controls & rigorto ensures that projects are capable of being controlled against known & agreed baselines all the while maintaining a quick and adaptive approach. Entrepreneurial Spirit - Ian is a natural Entrepreneur and can quickly see the potential of any idea/concept and knows how to simplify the complexity of projects into where the value & an Idea can possibly go.

Ian Scarffe has the necessary background & experience to work on projects of huge scale and potential global significance. Integrity & Trust - Ian is trustworthy, competent and always acts with Integrity. You can rely on him to say what he really thinks and he will make sure that any areas of risk in the project are highlighted to attention. Overall, Ian Scarffe is a true expert & professional, particularly in Lean Start-ups, and is a very valuable asset to any Team in bringing the project Vision to realization. Best Wishes Sharnee Bennett"

Sharnee Bennett , CEO Crypto