Startup Funding is available in these hard times! €2,5 mln – €15 mln.

Startup Funding is available in these hard times! €2,5 mln - €15 mln.


Startup Founders, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, all over Europe are understandably, wondering what to do in such economic hard times! European Union Funds are available to assist - contact Ian Scarffe for more details.


It’s hard enough to raise money in a healthy economy, let alone when the stock markets are tanking globally.

Over the past few weeks angel investors, venture capital investors, from prominent US venture capital firm Sequoia through to newer European funds, have been sharing advice with their portfolio companies about how to handle the situation.

Many are calling for startups to slow down or stop hiring, slash spending, work from home, cut out travel — and prepare for tough times ahead.

There is a lack of finance for breakthrough and disruptive innovators in Europe, with an estimated total equity-funding gap of about €70 billion. Many European start-ups can’t find high risk capital needed to get to the stage where private sector investors get involved.

We can help!

For development and scaling up of high risk innovations by startups and SMEs

‣ Grant funding of up to €2.5 million (No returnable Grant! which means you do not have to return the funds)
‣ Option of equity investment of up to €15 million
‣ Access to coaching and mentoring services, pitches with corporates, VCs, etc
‣ All funding is open (no predefined thematic areas)

Contact Ian Scarffe for more details on how we can assist you.