"I would highly recommend Ian Scarffe for the following core attributes: Lean Start-up Methodologies & Concepts - Ian has a significant amount of experience working in Lean Start-up Methodologies which means that he can ensure that a project is appropriately specified whilst maintaining due project controls & rigorto ensures that projects are capable of being controlled against known & agreed baselines all the while maintaining a quick and adaptive approach. Entrepreneurial Spirit - Ian is a natural Entrepreneur and can quickly see the potential of any idea/concept and knows how to simplify the complexity of projects into where the value & an Idea can possibly go.

Ian Scarffe has the necessary background & experience to work on projects of huge scale and potential global significance. Integrity & Trust - Ian is trustworthy, competent and always acts with Integrity. You can rely on him to say what he really thinks and he will make sure that any areas of risk in the project are highlighted to attention. Overall, Ian Scarffe is a true expert & professional, particularly in Lean Start-ups, and is a very valuable asset to any Team in bringing the project Vision to realization. Best Wishes Sharnee Bennett"

Sharnee Bennett , CEO Crypto